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Hotel Monteleone Logo Shop French Quarter Boutique ShoppingFrench Quarter boutique shopping starts here

The French Quarter is as famous for shopping as it is for New Orleans cuisine and smooth jazz. We like good French Quarter boutique shopping as much as anyone. That’s why the Hotel Monteleone has created the Logo Shop for our guests.

The Logo Shop is a quiet, tasteful French Quarter boutique shopping experience.  The Logo Shop is located just off the lobby, where you can shop for mementos of your stay at Hotel Monteleone and New Orleans. You can even purchase some of our products and amenities to enjoy in your room. In fact, our signature pillows have become so popular, many guests are now ordering them for their home – it’s all available at the Logo Shop.

Please note that prices do not include tax and shipping.

Enhance the experience

Hotel Monteleone prides itself on the ability to satisfy your every request. So if you’re craving cookies and milk, just ask. We’ll send up three huge, fresh-baked cookies and chilled milk. Or, surprise a loved one who’s staying at Hotel Monteleone with a luxury spa basket, a fruit and cheese plate or a fine bottle of wine.

Take a moment to browse our selection of in-room gifts. You’ll find that virtually anything you might want, you can have at the Hotel Monteleone.

Deliver Hotel Monteleone Memories To Your Doorstep

If you’re missing your favorite home away from home, you can now purchase Hotel Monteleone souvenirs and exclusive products online at our Hotel Monteleone eShop. Here we have a wide range of items, ideal for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.  The French Quarter boutique shopping experience can be delivered straight to your door.

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Please note that prices do include tax, gratuity and delivery.
As a gift of love or one of thanks, a Hotel Monteleone Gift Card is everyone’s perfect gift. Use them to reward your favorite people. Let your imagination soar and design an experience you know they’ll love. Or simply let your recipient decide, with denominations in a value selected by you.
Please note gift cards may only be purchased in $25.00 increments.