Experience our haunted hotel in New Orleans

Many people who come to Hotel Monteleone don’t want to leave. Some never do.  Hotel Monteleone is known for being a haunted New Orleans hotel, and is one of the premier haunted hotels in North America.

Generations of hotel guests and staff have regularly experienced haunted events that would cause even the staunchest skeptic to take pause. This haunted New Orleans hotel has an elevator that stops on the wrong floor, leading a curious couple down a hallway that grows chilly and reveals the ghostly images of children playing.

In March 2003, the International Society of Paranormal Research spent several days at the Hotel Monteleone, investigating the haunted New Orleans hotel.  While at the hotel, the team made contact with more than a dozen earthbound entities. Among them were several former employees, a man named William Wildemere who died inside the hotel of natural causes, and a boy who was much older when he died but enjoys returning to Hotel Monteleone as a 10-year-old to play hide-and-seek with another young spirit.

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